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The Check-In/Check-Out Diaries: Venice (part II)

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VENICE (part II of II)

With all 4 maps out we worked our way back to our hotel from the Rialto area.  Two blocks still on the map and then all of a sudden you are doing circles in the street.  Lost.  Keep walking and eventually you find your way, usually with little help from your accompanying maps. 

The night desk manager, who looked like he was about to kill himself and was aptly nicknamed Mr. Personality, was also the bartender.  So the several requests for more Prosecco brought many deep sighs and grunting as he got out of his chair to go to the bar area so we could enjoy a drink on the terrace overlooking the Canal as the Venice night passed us by.

The next morning we had breakfast outside, on the second floor terrace.  It was probably the best breakfast we had had in Italy, which is to say is what good, not great.  We weren’t raving about the pears so that was a good thing.  Headed to Murano Island, the glass blowing capital of the world, we are accompanied by another couple (also staying at our hotel), from Philadelphia.  As the taxi docks we are immediately greeted and directed to sit down and watch a demonstration of the glass blowers.  The “tour guides” have split the groups.  Beth and I are with the Philly couple and a guide that looks like an Italian Rodney Dangerfield, complete with the cheese ball jokes and the “I get no respect” wobble.  After the demonstration we go through a gallery where the pieces start around five thousand Euro to no limit.  Three floors, not sure if there is an exit we find an escape route, leaving the Philly couple behind.  Last we heard they were still not accounted for.  After the great escape we have a Cappuccino, walk around, buy some glass and then head back to Venice in a water bus where we are dropped off near San Marco, the Piazza that really does pull you back in.  We have another Cappuccino at Florian, the world’s most expensive place to buy coffee and then (wearing pants) we go to Harry’s and have a Bellini.  No pictures are allowed in Harry’s so the fake-out iPhone pics are taken.  The Hard Rock is next to get a pin and then we decide to eat chicken and have a drink and then one more lap around San Marco to ensure everyone has gotten their souvenirs accounted for.

Ensured that we have enough David penis aprons and funny Venice hats to bring back home we take our Gondola ride through the side canals and even onto the Grand Canal for a moment and then back near San Marco where we break the Gelato curse and actually enjoy a cup of chocolate.  Dinner is had on the not-so-touristy side of The Rialto, we get lost heading back to the hotel, find our hotel, and then have Mr. Personality get us a Prosecco where we join a group of Norwegians at the hotel terrace and they begin singing “Take It Easy” and “New York, New York” and talking politics and then it is time to go to sleep.  The next morning brings a numbing feeling as we pack and arrange for a water taxi to take us to the airport.  In the breakfast room the Norwegians are still there.  They are smiling.  They are smiling because they have another day to spend in Venice.

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